Vet lottery ticket sales top $5M in 1st month

Special to the Burleson – Crowley Connection | Dec 14, 2009

Sales of Veterans Cash, a scratch-off lottery ticket created to fund veterans’ programs, totaled more than $5.3 million during their first month of sales, said state Rep. Chris Turner, D-Arlington.

The game launched on Nov. 9.

The Fund for Veterans Assistance will receive more than $1 million based on sales to date.

“I am thrilled to see that the initial veterans lottery game is off to such a great start,” Turner said. “With so many men and women returning from service in Afghanistan and Iraq joining the ranks of the 1.7 million veterans in Texas, organizations that provide aid to veterans need resources now more than ever.”

The Texas Legislature created the FVA in 2007 to provide aid to veterans and their families in need.

The FVA was not funded by the Legislature until the lottery game was created this year.

Turner authored and passed legislation in the House to create the dedicated lottery game to benefit the FVA.

“In this season of sharing and helping those less fortunate among us, the people of Texas have proven once again that they support our active duty military, our veterans and their families by participating in the veterans scratch-off lottery ticket program,” said John Miterko, legislative liaison with the Texas Coalition of Veterans Organizations. “The money that will go into the Permanent Fund for veterans assistance will provide much-needed help for our disabled veteran population and will go a long way in easing their burdens into the foreseeable future.”

With revenue from Veterans Cash, FVA will be able to provide grants to organizations who help veterans and their families who are in need of services, such as transportation to and from VA hospitals and clinics, job placement services and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury.
Twenty-three percent of the sales go to the FVA. The remainder goes to prizes paid out, 65 percent, administration, 7 percent, and retailer commissions, 5 percent.
The Texas Lottery Commission estimates that Veterans Cash will raise about $9 million annually for FVA.

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