Bathrooms vs. Real Solutions

Earlier this week, law enforcement officials from across our state gathered on the Capitol steps to speak out against the “bathroom bill.” Last week, several business leaders, including CEOs from Fortune 500 companies with major footprints in Texas, also publicly opposed the bill. Late last week, hundreds of people — men, women and children — traveled to Austin to testify at a senate committee hearing in opposition to this dangerous measure.

Yesterday, a majority in the Senate chose to disregard these voices and passed the “bathroom bill.”

In doing so, the senators who voted in favor also ignored the negative economic impact this type of law will have on our economy — an estimated $3.3 billion lost every year. These senators voted in favor of a divisive and dangerous measure that could cost our state and our communities 35,600 jobs. These senators turned their backs on the most vulnerable in our state — including transgender children and their parents who have bravely shared their stories and who fear they will no longer be welcome in their state.

By spending so much time and effort on this measure that is nothing more than a solution in search of a problem, Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick are ignoring the real challenges facing Texans. Here’s just a snapshot of what the Legislature should be addressing:

  • The Texas economy has dropped from #3 to #21
  • California – yes California, is beating us on unemployment and economic growth
  • Texans haven’t seen a minimum wage increase in 8 years
  • Texas women get paid 79 cents for every $1 a man makes for the same job
  • Texas is cutting funding to public education, causing property taxes to go up
  • The maternal mortality rate has doubled and Texas mothers are dying at a higher rate than anywhere else in the developed world
  • Texas has more uninsured people than any state in the country, which makes health care more expensive for all of us; and if Trumpcare becomes law, an estimated 1.1 million Texans could lose private health insurance coverage and another 225,000 will lose Medicaid
  • Tuition at Texas colleges and universities has risen 147% over the last 14 years

But Abbott and Patrick just want to talk about bathrooms. 
If you, like me, agree that a “bathroom bill” isn’t a solution to the challenges facing Texans, and that you support the real solutions that will help our state’s kids, our economy, our health, and our communities, let us know.Today, the House Democratic Caucus, which I chair, is rolling out our “Real Solutions for All Texans” petition. I want my friends to be the first to add their names to the list.

Click here to add your name.When the 30-day special session comes to a close, I am hopeful that it will do so without a harmful and hateful “bathroom bill” becoming law. I am not as confident however, that the governor and lieutenant governor will make real solutions for all Texans a priority moving forward.