Last week, people across the state took to Twitter to share stories of public school educators whose sacrifices have made real differences in the lives of children across our state.

The hashtag #blowingthewhistle was in response to a divisive and derisive campaign launched by an extreme right-wing group called Empower Texans. The intent of this anti-education group is to target public school employees and attack educators for their civic participation.

As with many of Empower Texans’ stunts, this quickly blew up in their face.The #blowingthewhistle stories went viral and are more proof that Texas teachers are making a real difference in the lives of children and their families.

Read a few of the posts for yourself:

Carol Fernandez @CarolJFernandez
@EmpowerTexans I am #blowingthewhistle on one my public school teacher friends. She has purchased several pairs of cool tennis shoes for some of her students. Thekids aren’t positive who they are from. They just magically end up in their locker. This way no one knows but them.
Mrs. Justice @justi_saurus
@EmpowerTexans I’m #blowingthewhistle on my fellow teacher friend who takes time out of her weekends to take Senior pictures for free for students who can’t afford them so that they can have the same special Senior experiences as everyone else.
Arï @AriRhea17 
I’m #blowingthewhistle on a teacher of mine that gave me a shoulder to lean on when I was crying, food when I was hungry, and a second family. Teachers don’t get enough credit for what they do. They do more than teach. They change lives.
Cajuntexan @Cajuntexan77
@EmpowerTexans I am #blowingthewhistle on a teacher who takes her student’s clothes home to wash every Friday afternoon so they will have clean clothes to wear on Monday morning.
Bowie Hogg @bowiehogg
Hey @EmpowerTexans I am #blowingthewhistle on my wife who used to buy a painted rock from one of her 5th grade students so he could bring money home for his family instead of fighting for money. #blockvote #Over4500TeachersinArlington

Inspired, I added a story of my own –

Chris Turner @ChrisGTurner

.@EmpowerTexans – I’m #blowingthewhistle on an @ArlingtonISD asst principal I met recently. He was on a high from his success in breaking through to a student who had been cutting class. Now the student is always in class and doing well – meant everything to this AP. #txlege

I hope you will join me and share a story about a teacher or school district employee you know. It’s not too late.

We must continue #blowingthewhistle to honor these women and men. We must also give them the tools to succeed, such as increased funding and better support from elected leaders.