Chris Turner Passes Jobs Bill For Veterans, Active Duty Service Members & Reservists

Turner’s bill would waive residency requirement for U.S. military service members applying for commercial driver’s license

AUSTIN − State Representative Chris Turner (HD 101) announced today that the Texas House of Representatives has passed HB 860, a bill which would waive the residency requirement for service members applying for a commercial driver’s license. State Senator Wendy Davis has filed an identical bill, SB 229.

“This bill is an important step in bringing down the high unemployment rate that our veterans are facing right now,” said Turner. “What is an easy part of the application process for most, is extremely difficult if you are active duty or reserve, unexpectedly relocated to Texas, and need to get back to work as soon as possible. I’m proud to continue working with Senator Davis on such an important issue. This is small way we can continue to honor the service of these men and women.”

HB 860 is supported by Texas Veterans Coalition Organizations (TCVO) and the Texas Motor Transport Association (TMTA.)

“For these veterans who have been trained on and then operated sophisticated military vehicles of every description in combat theaters of operation, HB 860 recognizes these skills, and offers these newly minted veterans the opportunity  to more rapidly obtain a Commercial Driver’s License, exit the ranks of the unemployed and begin a new, well-paying career,” commented John Miterko, TCVO legislative liaison. “TCVO appreciates the efforts of Representative Turner, who has once again proven to be a true friend and staunch supporter of Texas Veterans.”

“TMTA applauds Representative Turner and the forethought of his peers on the passage of HB 860,” said TMTA President and CEO John D. Esparza  “Alleviating the unnecessary obstacles to new job opportunities for veterans is an honorable and needed action.  Employing our service men and women is a priority for Texas trucking, and with the abundance of available, high paying jobs in our industry, we look forward to growing military personnel opportunities in Texas.”