Fox 7: Rep. Turner’s Task force bill takes on flash mob robberies in Texas


By: Rudy Koski; April 26, 2023

AUSTIN, Texas – Flash mob thefts are typically large scale, smash and grab attacks on retail stores. According to the FBI, those crimes have recently increased.

Violent crime at convenience stores has also doubled over the past five years, according to FBI data.

“This is not just petty shoplifting. That’s not what we’re talking about here,” said State Representative Chris Turner, (D) Arlington.

Flash mobs, and smaller theft operations, according to Turner, are getting bolder and increasing in Texas.

“Mom-and-pop businesses, small businesses cannot afford it. And whether it’s a small business or a large business ultimately cost consumers more because when there’s theft, that causes prices to go up. So it costs all of us,” said Rep. Turner.

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