God bless Santa Fe

I can’t stop thinking of the students, families, educators, administrators, and first responders affected by the senseless act of gun violence at Santa Fe High School a week ago today. My heart breaks for the victims, survivors, and the inconceivable pain the entire community is feeling in the aftermath of the deadliest school shooting in Texas since 1966.

Schools and churches are sacred places, and we must do more to protect our children. That’s why I welcome the round-table discussions happening around Texas; serious conversations are needed, now more than ever, to effectively address this gun violence epidemic.

But I want to be very clear: the State Legislature has a responsibility to act. We must work immediately to prevent more gun deaths, to stop the loss of life, and to protect our kids.

We can and should start by passing life-saving solutions like universal background checks, reporting requirements for stolen guns and the institution of a safe gun storage campaign.

As a Texan, I am deeply committed to helping our neighbors and communities, especially when tragedy strikes. As a legislator and state leader, I know we need to do so much more to prevent this kind of situation from ever happening again.