I’m for Hillary


Early voting for the Texas primaries begins next Tuesday, February 16. I hope you will vote in the Democratic Primary and join me in voting for Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.

I’m supporting Hillary because she is a proven leader with the experience, judgement and values I want to see in our next president.

Hillary has the most experience of anyone running for President on either side of aisle. As First Lady, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has proven to be unmatched in dealing with the challenges that the president must face.

But experience alone does not a president make – our president must have sound values to guide her actions. Whether it was helping create the Children’s Health Insurance Program as First Lady, opposing irresponsible tax cuts for the wealthy as a senator or advocating for human rights across the globe as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has proven time and again she has the values and the right priorities to be our president.

The stakes in the 2016 election could not be higher. It’s imperative that Democrats win the election so that we can build on the tremendous progress our country has made under President Obama. The Republicans are determined to undo the good work President Obama has done on the economy, health care, the environment and foreign policy – we can’t let them do that, and we sure can’t let Donald Trump or Ted Cruz appoint the next 2-4 Supreme Court Justices.

Make no mistake about it – Republicans will come after Hillary with their big-moneyed powerful interests, as they’ve done for the last 25 years with all sorts of falsehoods and innuendo. But Hillary knows how to fight back and win – with facts not fiction, with class not crass and with iron-willed grit and determination. We need someone who will fight for all of us and Hillary is that champion.

Hillary Clinton’s commitment to strengthening the middle class by tackling income inequality and improving access to education, along with her determination to protect civil rights and correct racial injustices, makes her my choice for president. She has the values to do what’s right, the experience and know-how to get things done and the backbone to stand up and fight.

I am proud to support Hillary Clinton and I hope you will, too.


PS: Hillary’s campaign is ramping up in Texas. If you want to get involved in the campaign, visit her website and for Tarrant County folks, check the Tarrant for Hillary Facebook page for the latest news and updates.