Out of Control

The Republican Party is out of control. Every day, Donald Trump is on TV spewing hateful insults and demonstrating he has neither the wisdom or the temperament to be President.

Here in Texas, it’s not any better. One statewide Republican official is under indictment and another is under criminal investigation. And several are implicated in a scheme to pay hush money to employees who no longer work for the state.

We can thank the Tea Party for Trump and our government in Texas. Now, a Tea Party Republican is running against me in the November election – I need your help to make sure he does not win.

It has been an honor to serve District 101 in the Texas House of Representatives and be your voice in Austin. While I am proud to say we’ve gotten a lot done, there is still more to do. Tea Party Republicans are gearing up for an all-out assault on public education, local control and a renewed effort to undermine women’s health care. I am committed to fighting their misguided efforts every step of the way, but I need your help.

My campaign faces an important deadline tomorrow, June 30th. This deadline is a chance to show that my campaign has the broad support it needs to win in November – and that folks in our district and beyond are fed up with divisive rhetoric, public corruption and misplaced priorities.

I need your help. Will you make a contribution today to support my re-election campaign?