Pocketbook Protection

Protecting Families from Surprise Utility Rate Hikes 

Chris wrote the law that now requires residential electric providers to give at least 30 days written notice that a customer’s electric contract is scheduled to expire, allowing the customer time to shop around and select a new plan.

Chris learned that a number of his constituents had experienced situations in which their utility bill skyrocketed overnight, due to a contract expiring without their knowledge.

“Chris is genuine, honest, and he listens. He took on the utilities when they were raising their rates without telling us. With Chris, we know that we have a voice in Austin who stands up for us.” – Adrena Stephney, Precinct Chair, Arlington

Making Insurance Companies Accountable 

When Chris was in office, he wrote and filed several measures aimed at holding insurance companies accountable for the high premiums they charge consumers. Currently, Texans pay the highest rates for homeowners insurance in the nation and the coverage they receive does not reflect the amount they pay. Powerful special interests fight efforts to reform Texas’ insurance system, but Chris is determined to help deliver real reform for Arlington and Grand Prairie families.

For his work on consumer protection issues in 2009, Chris was named “Freshman of the Year” by Texas Watch, a leading consumer advocacy organization.