In Austin

In Austin

Standing Up for Public Schools
Chris supports increasing public school funding and strongly opposes private school vouchers and other related schemes which would divert taxpayer money away from our neighborhood schools. He helped pass the landmark law that slashed the number of standardized tests and opened up new career and technology pathways.

He also believes that Texas should invest in our youngest students by expanding full-day pre-k and making it accessible to all Texas children. Chris supports efforts to protect the Teacher Retirement System and do more to help teachers with the cost of health care coverage.

Lowering Reliance on Property Taxes
Chris believes that the local property owners need property tax relief and to address this issue, the Legislature needs to fix our broken school finance system and increase the state’s investment in public education. During the 2017 legislative session, Chris joint-authored a measure that would have required the state share of school funding increase to at least 50 percent. By doing this, the state funding would have increased by an estimated $10-14 billion per year, reducing the reliance on local property tax dollars. Unfortunately, it did not pass into law and as a result, homeowners did not receive the relief they need and deserve.

More Jobs & Better Wages
Chris believes our state does best when every Texan can get ahead. That’s why he’s a strong supporter of increasing the minimum wage and supports legislation that would guarantee equal pay for equal work.

Making College More Accessible
Chris knows that investing in higher education is an investment in the future of Texas and that support for higher education benefits not only individuals, but the community and economy of the entire state of Texas. He supports efforts to keep college affordable and to limit student debt.

Expanding Healthcare Coverage
Chris supports expanding Medicaid and providing coverage to working adults. With nearly 20 percent lacking coverage, Texas remains last in the nation in the number and percentage of insured adults, which not only impacts those who cannot afford care, but well-being of our local and state economies as well.

Improving Mental Health
Chris believes that addressing mental health must be a top priority at the state level. As a member of the House Select Committee on Mental Health, he has worked with stakeholders at the state and local level to find ways to improve care and access.

Making Texas Safer
Chris has been a staunch ally of law enforcement and other first responders, passing bills to crack down on child pornography and giving law enforcement better tools to keep our communities safe.

Protecting Choice and Women’s Health
Chris is a champion of women’s healthcare who believes that a woman’s healthcare decisions should be made privately between her and her doctor. Chris will continue to fight against limiting access to quality healthcare.

Honoring our Veterans
Chris believes that it is our duty to give back to those who have bravely served our country in uniform. At the Capitol, Chris has been a leader on issues supporting veterans and their families. His efforts have resulted in increased funding for mental health programs for veterans, increased access to employment, and benefits for spouses of service members killed in service to country. His efforts include passage of the landmark veterans’ lottery ticket, which has raised more than $60 million for veterans and a constitutional amendment exempting a surviving spouse of a service member killed in action from property taxes.

Improving Ethics
Chris is leading the effort to hold our government officials to the highest of standards of ethics and transparency, as well as being good stewards of taxpayer dollars. His efforts have ended the practice of politicians “double-dipping” a pension and salary at the same time and exposed corrupt contracting practices in state agencies.

Fighting Discrimination
Chris believes Texas is strongest when every Texan has an equal opportunity to be a part of our state. That’s why he has been a leading voice in opposing discriminatory legislation such as the photo Voter ID law, unfair redistricting maps, efforts to repeal in-state tuition for Dreamers, attempts to limit the rights of the LGBTQ community, and laws that single out specific religious faiths. During the contentious 2017 legislative session, Chris helped block the consideration of the so-called “Bathroom Bill,” which would have discriminated against transgender Texans and cost the state billions of dollars in lost revenue. Chris also helped lead the opposition to SB 4, the “Show me your papers law” opposed by law enforcement across Texas.