SH 360 Update – March 20, 2018

After two-and-a-half years of construction, the opening of SH 360 South (360 Toll) is just around the corner. There are a number of updates about this project that I wanted to share with you.

As the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) approaches substantial completion of the project and opening of the main lanes to traffic, you can expect an increase of activity and even more employees and subcontractors working along the highway.

Spring rains have made it difficult to estimate the exact opening date, but TxDOT has informed me that, weather permitting, they are on target for an opening in mid-May.

Noise Barriers:

We have all seen the sound walls going up along the highway.  These noise barriers must be completed before the main lanes are opened to traffic. Following the main lanes opening, neighborhoods with the noise barriers can expect to see additional grading to maximize drainage around the walls, as well as staining of the residential side of the wall.  For the last year, my staff and I have worked closely with TxDOT to address neighborhood concerns about access behind the sound walls.  Accordingly, TxDOT will be installing wrought-iron fencing between the sound wall and the existing neighborhood fencing to prevent unauthorized access.  TxDOT and my office will share updated and final images of the wrought iron security fence with the affected neighborhoods as soon as they are available.

One of the key attributes of the 360 sound walls, unlike some other barriers on other roadways, is that each section of wall is of uniform height, as opposed to a wall that resembles a staircase.  This not only looks better; it will also provide many residences with a greater level of noise protection than is required under federal guidelines.

Improved Safety & Capacity:

Once the main lanes are open, the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) will assume responsibility for operations of the roadway.

Following the opening of the main lanes, TxDOT will continue to work on increasing capacity of city streets that intersect the project.  The anticipated completion date for all remaining work along 360 is July 31.

The complete reconstruction of the 360 cross streets is thanks to the cities of Grand Prairie, Arlington and Mansfield, as well as the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) and Tarrant County.  Each of these entities have invested millions of dollars in this project to ensure cross streets have wide bridges with larger and safer intersections.

These local partners helped ensure that bridges at Sublett/Camp Wisdom Road and Broad Street will have six lanes (three lanes in each direction) with turn lanes, and that the other bridges will have four lanes (two lanes in each direction) with turn lanes.  Additionally, each cross street will have Texas turn-arounds in each direction.  Along the frontage roads, there will be new sidewalks that are fully connected to sidewalks on cross streets and bridges. This is especially important for some younger residents of District 101 who walk to and from school near 360.

Higher Maintenance Standards: 

TxDOT has confirmed that areas inside the SH 360 right-of-way will be maintained at a higher standard than ever before. The maintenance, mowing, and litter removal will be in accordance with NTTA’s standards, which are higher than those previously in place. I am told that mowing up to the right of way line will occur anytime grass is more than 18 inches tall, as opposed to the current mowing schedule, which is limited to three times per year.  Additionally, litter will be removed when more than 20 pieces of trash are visible in a 100-foot area. These measures will help protect appearance of the corridor.

Save Money with a Toll Tag:

As you know, the new main lanes of SH 360 will be toll lanes.  The existing service roads will remain non-tolled.  If you anticipate using the main, tolled lanes, it is advisable to get a Toll Tag from NTTA if you do not already have one.  Toll rates are substantially less when using a Toll Tag than when paying by mail.  Visit NTTA’s website to learn more.

I am confident that the expansion of this well-traveled roadway will prove to be a benefit to our community by increasing mobility and safety.  I hope this information has been helpful, and I will continue to pass along updates as warranted.

Finally, as you may remember, I passed a measure last year to name the portion of SH 360 located in House District 101 the Rosa Parks Memorial Parkway. I will keep you posted on when the road is scheduled to open!