Too little, Too late

As you may have heard, the Trump Administration finally changed their policy of separating parents and children at the US-Mexico border after a massive public outcry. But this is too little too late. The damage has already been done for so many children and families!

The new executive order is still extremely limited, and it isn’t clear at all how children already separated from their parents will be reunited. It also does nothing to reverse the “no tolerance” policy that caused so many families to get separated in the first place.

I can’t imagine the pain and trauma this policy has created for these families. The images of children being taken from their parents, the audio of cries for help, and the talk of “cages” and “tender age shelters” — it’s enough to bring any parent to tears.

Since day one, the Trump administration tried to spin this story. They wanted to shift blame on Democrats and use children as a bargaining tool for their policy agenda — and Governor Abbott remained complicit and silent, except to repeat the false Trump talking points.

Now, Trump only backed down on family separation because of a public backlash that even he couldn’t ignore. It is proof that our voices do matter — so let’s use them to remain vocal, keep up the pressure, and force an end to his anti-immigrant agenda for good.

We must do better.