TribFest Recap: Red and Blue Teams Find Common Ground Before the 88th

BY MAGGIE Q. THOMPSON, 11:36AM, SUN. SEP. 25, 2022

The 88th Texas Legislature, to be elected Nov. 8 and to convene on Jan. 10, faces the Herculean task of lawmaking in a sharply divided country and state with rapidly developing life-or-death issues on the agenda.

At four consecutive panels on Friday, Sept. 23, at the Texas Tribune Festival 2022, Democratic and Republican members and candidates in both chambers said they hope the 88th will be a session remembered for bipartisan compromises and solutions to “kitchen table” problems. And all seemed to agree on the most urgent issues at hand: fortifying the grid, lowering property taxes, responding to the Uvalde massacre, helping overwhelmed border towns, stopping the hemorrhage of teachers leaving their jobs, and supporting pregnant people and parents in a post-Roe era. While conservative and liberal solutions to those problems differ, here is the common ground that emerged.

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