Turner Responds to U.S. Senate’s “Freedom to Vote Act”

(AUSTIN, TEXAS) – Today, U.S. Senate Democrats introduced a new voter protection bill that will expand voting access and protect voters from continued Republican attacks on the freedom to vote.

Texas House Democratic Caucus Chair Chris Turner issued the following statement in response:

The Senate Democrats’ new ‘Freedom to Vote Act’ marks great progress in the fight to pass federal voter protection legislation, and promises landmark expansions to voter access that Texas House Democrats have long been advocating for.

“Texas House Democrats have been calling on Congress to take decisive action to protect voters from the GOP’s attacks on our democracy. With the passage of Senate Bill 1 in Texas, we need the U.S. Senate to act more than ever before.

“We are grateful for the leadership of Senators Klobuchar, Kaine, King, Manchin, Merkley, Padilla, Tester and Warnock on this new legislation and are glad to hear Majority Leader Schumer say an initial vote could come as early as next week. The Senate must pass this bill, along with the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (H.R. 4), to fully protect all voters against regressive and discriminatory attacks on the freedom to vote.”