Turner’s Statement On President Obama’s Executive Action On Immigration

ARLINGTON — In anticipation of tonight’s announcement by President Barack Obama that he will sign an executive order addressing immigration, State Representative Chris Turner (HD101-Grand Prairie) released the following statement:

“Comprehensive immigration reform has been stalled in Congress for far too long. I applaud the President for taking action to fix a broken system that has put millions of law-abiding families — including many in North Texas — in constant fear of being ripped apart.

“It is my hope that this announcement will finally spur Congress into action and they will pass comprehensive immigration reform. Such legislation will not only benefit immigrants, but our local, state and national economy. Additionally, millions will finally be able to come out of the shadows.”

The Center for American Progress estimates that allowing undocumented immigrants who have been in the U.S. for at least five years to be eligible to apply for work permits would add $6 billion in payroll taxes in the first year of the program. Over five years, these workers would contribute $45 billion in payroll taxes and help grow our nation’s economy.