Voter Information

yourvoteVoting is an important part in making our democracy work.

Frequently Asked Questions that concern many voters can be easily answered.

  • Where do I vote?
  • How do I find out if I am registered to vote or if I am on the voter rolls in the county where I reside?
  • I know that I am registered to vote, but can’t find my voter certificate or card. Will I be able to vote without it?
  • I am registered to vote in my county of residence, but I moved within the county and have not yet updated my new address with my voter registrar. Where do I vote?
  • I was registered to vote, but moved from my county of registration to a new county. May I still vote in the new county?
  • What is the deadline to request a ballot by mail?
  • What procedures are available for voters going overseas?
  • What if I want to know more about the upcoming elections?

You will find information answering these questions at the Texas Secretary of State’s Office.

Other Texas Voter Resources

Who Represents Me?
Districts By Address

Who Represents Me provides information about current districts and members of the Texas Senate, Texas House of Representatives, the Texas delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives, and the State Board of Education. U.S. Senators are elected statewide, rather than from districts.

View District Maps

DistrictViewer is a graphic viewing system that displays interactive maps and demographic and election reports for current state house, state senate, U.S.Congressional, and State Board of Education districts, as well as selected redistricting proposals for the State of Texas. All redistricting proposals that have been made public in the legislative process are available during the time that they are under consideration.

VOTExas Information Resources
Texas Secretary of State

An extensive list of Texas voter information compiled from the Secretary of State’s office. Among others, there is information about:

  • Upcoming Elections
  • Early Voting
  • Student Voters
  • Military/Overseas Voters
  • Poll Watcher’s Guide